Monday, January 21, 2013

I Believe in Chiropractic

    It never ceases to amaze me when I hear a patient say that they know someone who says that they "don't believe in chiropractic".  I understand that people might not understand what it is and how it works, but that doesn't stop these same people from believing in other things that have a whole lot less research and evidence supporting its existence.  I guess those people are not saying that they do not believe it exists, they just don't believe that it works.  Quite often, the very people that say such things end up trying chiropractic care because they see first-hand the results that their friends are getting.  Results that are natural, with no risky surgery or drugs.  I recently had the pleasure of treating someone who tried the medical treatment approach for his back pain and sciatic pain.  He had drugs, injections, and 50 visits to a PT clinic with no results. His next stop was going to be surgery, but he decided to try chiropractic as a last resort.  After just a few visits here his pain is already reduced by 50%.  I can tell you that this man, who was quite skeptical when he came in for his first visit, now believes in chiropractic.  Maybe he should have tried chiropractic first instead of last.  Quoting research statistics does little to sway the opinion of a skeptic, but results speak for themselves.  Days like today make me thank God that he lead me to this profession.

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