Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lift Correctly or Don't Lift! 

     I have had a couple of patients in the last few months who have seriously injured their lower back by lifting their lawnmower, so I just wanted to post something to address improper lifting.  Lifting a bulky item can really cause some problems.  Even an item that really is not that heavy can overload the back if it is lifted improperly.  Big boxes, mowers, and large pieces of furniture should not be lifted by one person.  Their large size causes you to lift with your arms extended far forward and create a fulcrum effect which multiplies the forces on the lower back.  If the item is so large that it can not be lifted properly by yourself, then get some help!  The few moments that it takes to ask someone for assistance is well worth the time you will lose while you are injured.  

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