Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chiropractic and Vertigo

Can Chiropractic Help Vertigo???  

    A quick post concerning BPV:  I occasionally have patients come in that complain of vertigo that is worsened by certain body positions.  This is a condition known as benign positional vertigo, or BPV.  It is an inner ear disorder that is caused by clogging of one of the semicircular canals with otoliths (small crystals in the inner ear) that have been dislodged.  Many of these patients have been the medical route and have been given antivert aka Meclizine.  Because the problem has a physical cause (a clog in the canal) this medication quite often offers little relief.  There is a procedure that I perform called canalith re-positioning that is 86% effective for curing the problem. This procedure addresses the physical problem that is the cause of the symptoms.  An examination by good chiropractor can confirm if the vertigo is BPV related.  The three main causes of vertigo include inner ear problems, neck dysfunction, and TMJ (jaw) disorders.  In the absence of any cranial nerve involvement or other neurological deficit, then a short-term plan of conservative care is indicated.  chiropractors can address all three of these problems, giving the patient the best chance of success.  In my office, I identify the causes through examination and treat whatever seems to be contributing to the problem, whether it is one or more. Should conservative treatment fail, then a MRI should be ordered to rule out any more serious causes such as tumor, infection, etc.  Can chiropractic help vertigo??  The answer is yes (usually).  For more information about chiropractic you can visit our website 

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