Monday, October 28, 2013

Head Forward Effects


Head Forward & Health Down

     The head-forward posture is something that the majority of my neck pain patients deal with.  With the modern workplace becoming more and more computer dependent, neck pain due to poor posture is on the rise.  Patients need to be educated on proper workplace ergonomics and how to promote proper neck and head posture throughout their work day.  Here is a simple demonstration on how a head forward posture can effect you:  Stand upright and stick your head and neck out forward as far as you can.  Next try to raise your arms above your head while your neck and head are still forward.  It becomes really difficult to use your arms properly in this position.  Now try the same thing with your head in a neutral position and you will see how much easier it is to raise your arms.  Next, while putting yourself in a head-forward posture try to take a deep breath.  It becomes very difficult to breathe properly.  Lung capacity is decreased by 30% in this position.  Now try the same thing with the head and neck in a neutral position.  Some literature has even attributed digestive system dysfunction, sluggishness, and constipation to the head-forward posture.  As you can see, correcting the head forward posture can have profound effects on health.  For more information on office ergonomics check out our website here.

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