Friday, October 11, 2013

When Do I Need An Adjustment ???

     A lot of patients who's initial complaints have resolved with our care ask me how often they should come back for care in the future.  The answer is that it depends.  I know that sounds like a pretty ambiguous answer, but let me explain.  All of my patients become educated about their specific problem throughout the course of their care.  They learn techniques to help them do their part in the healing process.  Home care techniques, specific stretches, and exercises that will help prevent future episodes.  Unfortunately, life happens between visits.  Mothers pick up their children, carpenters grab a board to quickly, and office workers sit for too long in bad positions.  All of my patients use what I call the "chiropractic rule of thumb".  In general, if a patient does something that causes pain, then they should use all of the home care techniques that they have learned to get their symptoms under control.  If, after three days of consistently using proper home care they are no better, then they need to get in the office ASAP.  Studies have shown that an episode left untreated for a week with no improvement take twice as many visits to resolve.  Some patients with chronic conditions have found it to be beneficial to get treatment on a more regular basis.  I do not recommend once a month for everyone in my practice.  Some patients need more care, some less often.  Each patient's problem is unique.  Over time, patients determine how often they need care based on when their symptoms resurface.  Whatever the case, it is a fact that chiropractic care makes you more healthy overall.  Patients who utilize chiropractic care take less drugs, have less outpatient procedures, spend less money for healthcare, and are more satisfied with their care. 

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